Facial massage that rejuvenates you from stress

Health benefits of spa servicesOne of the most common spa services in singapore  is massage. The increased massage popularity can be based on its tremendous ability to relieve stress, pain and tension. There are many types of massage but one that is most proffered by women is the facial massage. Note that an exquisite massage is the perfect representation of a real spa experience since it is able to nurture both your mind and your body in such a unique ad amazing way.

There are two main classifications of the benefits of a facial massage; Physical relaxation and rejuvenation which is commonly referred to as mental relief. People have accepted and fully embraced the concept of using massage for therapeutic reasons. Massage is now being used in the treatment of several ailments such as muscle pain, stress, immobility and many others. However, facial massage offers more benefits than any other form of massage.

Facial massage is all about the relaxation of the facial muscles. Facial massage is done using smooth lotion around the facial region to completely relieve tension from the facial muscles. gentle massaging is very helpful in in the stimulation of blood circulation which brings about instant relaxation.

Facial massage not only aids in the relaxation of muscles but also serves as an exercise to the skin. It offers great help in clearing off the pores in your skin and leading to rejuvenation of the skin. The most conducive environment for doing a facial massage is a high temperature room and a facial mask. These are highly recommended since they play a major role in cleaning the skin. When the skin pores are clear of any particles, it becomes easy for the skin products to be easily absorbed and assimilated into the blood.

Facial massage involves several techniques that are suitable for different skin types. A massage therapy must possess the skills and knowledge of these techniques so as to be able to choose the correct therapy for their patient. For example, a person who has sun-damaged skin will definitely require a different therapy from a person who has sore skin caused by other elements. Every skin type has its unique technique.

One of the most common techniques that you will find in almost all facial massage spas is the use of hot and cold stones technique. This technique is very effective in nourishing the skin and aiding in curing sore muscles. Every facial massage spa offers distinct techniques to their clients so as to fully benefit the clients. It is therefore advisable for clients to be extra careful when choosing their facial spa. You will want to find a facial spa that offers the technique that is most suitable for your skin.

Very few people are aware that regular facial massage can be very beneficial to one’s health. This is due to the ability of this therapy to detoxify the skin and clear all the skin pores. You will be surprised by how much your body can benefit from a regular facial massage.

As the massage industry continues to thrive, there is bound to be an increase in the number of available facial massage techniques that will take facial massage into a whole new level.

Why & How to Polish Your Skin at Home?

Why & How to Polish Your Skin at HomeDoes not matter if you are staying at home or going out regularly, your skin is always exposed to dirt, sunlight, dust and pollution. This exposure is responsible for making your skin dull, rough and uneven and this is why all girls have to rush to the beauty salons and parlours for skin polishing treatments.

Skin Polishing at Home:

If you have ever tried this skin care treatment, you might know how your face starts to glow and how confident you feel about your beauty after this treatment. It’s basically an exfoliation method practiced to make our skin smooth, supple and neat.

The various steps involved in the process make sure that dirt comes out of the skin layers, dead cells are removed and the complexion looks even and lighter than before.

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Save Time & Bucks:

If it’s getting hard to take out time for frequent visits to spas and salons for skin polishing, consider doing it yourself at the ease of your home. It not only saves time but it is 50-60% economical than having the same treatment in expensive beauty spas.

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Equipment Required for Skin Polishing at Home:

To pamper your skin with this treatment at home, you need following things which can easily be obtained from a beauty or departmental store.

  1. Forehead band
  2. Two facial Sponges
  3. One Soft Brush
  4. Cleansing Lotion
  5. 6% 20 Volume Developer
  6. Ammonia Sachet
  7. Soothing Lotion
  8. Vitamin E- One Capsule
  9. Face Shiner
  10. Rose Water
  11. Triple Action Cream
  12. Mud Mask
  13. Moisturizer


Steps of Skin Polishing:


Step 1: First of all, wash your face with tepid water to remove the dirt accumulated on skin. Tie your hair and wear a forehead band.

Step 2: Apply a water based cleanser on skin and massage for 10 minutes. Clear the skin with a wet sponge.

Step 3: Add 2 tablespoons of 20% volume developer of any renowned company in 1 teaspoon of ammonia sachet. Mix both ingredients. Open the Vitamin E capsule and squeeze it in the mixture. Also add two drops of rose water, if the mixture requires dilution.

Step 4: Apply on face and neck with a brush, leave for 10 minutes, and blend the polisher on face with a wet brush and leave for another 10 minutes. Clean with wet sponges. The unwanted hair is now bleached and you will notice a fair complexion immediately.

Step 5: Apply the soothing lotion, if you feel red patches or any burning sign after using polisher.

Step 6: Take 2 table spoons of face shiner, apply on face and neck and leave for 10 minutes. After cleaning with a wet sponge, you will notice an instant glow on the face.

Step 7: Massage your skin with a good triple action cream in circular motion for 5-10 minutes and clean it with a wet sponge.

Step 8: Take two tablespoons of mud (Fuller’s Earth) and dilute it with rose water. Apply on face and neck, leave it to dry and then wash with cold water. This is good for closing the pores and skin lifting.

Step 9: This treatment normally dries the skin, so don’t forget to moisturize.

Step 10: Enjoy a lighter, fairer, smooth and supple skin. Stay away from the heat for no less than two hours.

Sun Rays – The Greatest Enemy of Your Skin

Sun Rays The Greatest Enemy of Your SkinYou might have heard that sun rays are a great source of vitamin D, which is a significant nutrient for bone formation. This is one of those reasons why your elders rush to the beach for sun bathing. But no matter how much you like the sunny days, we should never ignore that sun is one of the worst enemies of our skin.

What are UV Rays?

Sun emits certain radiations known as ‘ultraviolet radiations’ which cannot be seen with the naked eye. These rays are divided into three categories i.e. UVA, UVB and UVC. Among them UVC are the strongest and the most dangerous rays but thanks to the nature that our earth’s atmosphere stops them and they don’t reach us. The other two types reach our earth, penetrate our skin and damage it in a number of ways.

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How Sun Rays Affect Our Skin?

Melanin is a natural pigment in our skin which protects the sun damage. Sun rays destroy the outermost layer of our skin, where melanin cells are present, thus destroying the skin’s natural immunity.

If you are frequently exposing your skin to the sun, after damaging the outer most layers, the sun rays start penetrating into deeper layers and damage the skin fibers. The skin, as a result, loses its elasticity, begins to sag and slows down healing process.

That is not all. The cruel sun rays are also responsible for skin burns, premature aging, skin discoloration, wrinkles, brown spots and freckles. Years of constant and long sun exposures also results in three types of skin cancers naming melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.

How to Protect Yourself from Sun?

You can limit the sun damage always, if you take certain steps before having an expected sun exposure.

And here’s how to get rid of moles on face.

1: Avoid long and frequent sun exposures and try not to leave the house during peak sun hours normally between 10am to 2pm.

2: If you have a fair complexion and your skin produces less melanin, always cover your sensitive areas even on rainy and cloudy days.

3: If sun exposure is unavoidable, wear UV-certified sun glasses, hats and long sleeve dresses. Avoid wearing short maxis, bikinis and backless outfits during peak sun hours. Especially when you are playing sports like badminton. A better badminton coaching class will advise you to put on sun screen to protect your skin.

4: Always wear a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher before leaving the house. The best way to use this product is to apply it and wait for 15 minutes after which re-apply it. Make sure to always keep sun screen in your bag and re-apply it after every 2 hours.

5: Sun rays affect us even when we think they are not there. They reach us on cloudy and rainy days and even sitting at home near the window. So develop the love for sunscreens and wear it on all days.

Are Inversion Table Reviews Trustworthy?

Are Inversion Table Reviews TrustworthyIf you suffer from chronic back pain, it might help you to take a look into inversion tables. There are sufferers who swear by this solution to permanently alleviate their pain. Briefly, the inversion table is a device that inverts your body, thus fighting gravity or making it work to your advantage. People who spend many hours a day in front of a computer, those who need to stand for 8 hours every day in their job and others who can’t relax or lie down a little at least 203 times per day can use an inversion table to counteract the effects of gravity on their spinal cord.

The main advantages of using an inversion table regularly are a relaxation of the muscles, improvement of the posture of the spine and improvement of the blood circulation.

If you are willing to try or perhaps to buy an inversion table, you should go to a store or to a therapy center and try it, so that you see some benefits. If you don’t have the time to go and try all models available, you could just sit at your desk and do your research online prior to effectively trying the thing.

There are many third party websites that publish reviews of various inversion tables. These reviews are written by users, therefore they can be trusted to a certain degree. For instance, if you see the Ironman Gravity 4000 table has an Amazon rating of almost 5 stars out of almost 800 reviews, you can be sure there has to be something good about it. Amazon allows users to rank and review a product only if they purchased it. Check out the non biased review site www.topinversiontablereviews.com to check out more inversion table reviews.

After you do your research and decide for a list of 4-5 models you think you’d like to try, you can proceed to trying them in a real gym or therapy center. Only after you are happy with a table you should go ahead and buy it. This doesn’t imply reviews aren’t trustworthy. Actually they are, but humans are subjective, therefore those reviews only state their experience and their level of happiness with the product. Your experience may be totally different. This is why it is important to try the table yourself to validate the good reviews you may have found online.

Another way to go is to ask an expert to recommend you something and skip all research. This may also work, especially if you are too busy to sped time on such things. If you don’t like the table, you can return it anyway, so why not?